A full-service creative design company that helps clients craft a clear vision, immersive story and thriving business in the realm of experiential design.

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We imagine and design places that speak of time, place, emotion and meaning.

Meet Us:

Tim Delaney

President & Designer

Matthew Flynn

Matthew Flynn

Creative Director & Concept Designer

Who We Are


Tim J. Delaney Design Inc. is a leading California design firm that imagines, designs and creates projects that tell compelling stories in quality themed environments. Our creative visioning helps establish place, character and brand that results in greater revenue. With nearly 35 years of experience building Disney Theme Parks and resorts, Tim J. Delaney has worked extensively in North America and China, establishing the creative groundwork for many multi-billion dollar projects. Projects in China include: Adventure Kingdom Xi’an, Kung fu Park Tianjin, Hong Kong Disneyland, Great Wall Badaling and creative consulting for Shanghai Disneyland.

What We Do


We help clients create a clear, compelling concept and establish a vision for their project. We collaborate and listen to our clients to deliver the written and visual tools they need to advance and communicate their project to others. Our work establishes a compelling vision that every discipline on the project can follow, support and refer to across all stages of development and construction.  


Our services and work span a wide range of client needs - from master planning to complete theme park design, hospitality design, cruise ship development, branding, architectural storytelling, ride design and exhibit design. 

How We Work


We are listeners and collaborators. We ask many questions, take detailed notes and study the background of a project. We also strive to understand the unique site, local culture and relevant competion before diving into a new concept or design. With a keen understanding of our challenges and targets, we then craft stories, scenarios, places and designs that deliver a vision that works within the client's budget.


We also know that every project to a process and part of that process is processing comments and making revisions that improve the final product.


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